Saturday, March 31, 2007

Pulling Weeds . . .

I was doing yard work today and pulling a lot of weeds that had become overgrown and taken over flowerbeds. I had neglected to pull them for quite some time. As I was ripping them out of the ground, I realized how much my life is like that flower bed. I know we have all heard the cliche about pulling weeds, etc., but this was actually surreal. I thought about all the weeds in my life that were irritating when I first noticed them, but that over time I just let grow until they strangled the life from me. In other words, sin and other weeds crept into my life which I noticed at first, but I did not repent from them, and just let them fester until they became happenstance. Now those weeds have grown up and are strangling the life breathe from God that I so need to survive. It's just like the weeds in my garden that grow bigger and bigger, and eventually closer and closer to the beautiful flowers until they begin to grow around and within the flower, eventually killing it. I don't want to die. I don't want sin and "weeds" to take over my life and stop me from being what I was created for. I think it is time we all did a little yard work and pulled all those weeds from our flower beds. It was hard and dirty work, and there are still a few small weeds that just didn't come out, but the flower bed looks 100% better, and the flowers can breathe and live once again. There are no weeds to steal their water and sunlight. Yes, some of the weeds broke off and the root remained. I know that the sins and weeds in my life do the same thing; I get rid of the weed but the root stays behind. I confess the sin, but don't repent from it. It is weird and wonderful how God works. I went from doing a tedious chore, such as pulling weeds, to an intimate moment with God. I pulled the weeds in my physical and Spiritual yard today. What weeds are suffocating you from becoming what God has in store for you? Don't just pull the weed, grab it from the root and tear it out so that is does not come back.

But God’s truth stands firm like a foundation stone with this inscription: “The Lord knows those who are his,” and “All who belong to the Lord must turn away from evil.”

2 Timothy 2:19 (NLT)


Kacey said...

i love how this illustration also shows the process of asking for God's forgiveness. the process of pulling weeds out in big clumps is so very difficult and not very effective. at the same time, like you said, most of the time you are only grabbing hold of the top of the weed and pulling; so the root is still intact. i think that the process of confessing our sins one by one isn't a process that is required for God's forgiveness, but by making that our way of asking for forgiveness, we are forced to examine each and every wrong individually. looking at them for what they are, sin, and seeing why they are what they are. thus (hopefully) providing us with more wisdom needed to combat the temptation of falling into that sin once again.

Song for the Issue said...

Shallow capacity is bearing all I see, and I know
It's disease, it's loss, it's death knocking at my door
I click these thoughts to something else, something more.

I'm so blue, you're so blue.

Detached harmonies, all the airways scream dissonance
And we know of broken life, broken homes,
Broken hearts and broken bones,
Recycling the paper of a crying world's suicide note and
We're so blue, so blue.

See the world spinning round
A sucking hole that souls go down
Embrace the sorrow of today because repentance finds a way
Only His blood can heal our wounds
Only His blood can heal our wounds
And if repentance finds a way, what's left today to be... blue?

A final symphony,
The precipice too close, you're scaring me -- back away
Sin is real, it doesn't feel, It always, only always, steals.
Run to the cross the only joy that's real.