Friday, March 30, 2007

What's in it for me?

That is the most frequent question we pose to ourselves before we ever make a decision. Sick isn't it? It's all about me. Well, to embrace the cliche you get out of what you put into it seems adequate explanation. I solicit your feedback and especially what God reveals to you. Everyone views the same thing differently and Scripture application is no different. God may reveal one thing to me and another to you. This is how we grow, and fellowship, and strengthen our relationship with God and others. I will try to explain the intent of the Scripture as best I can while at the same time giving you some application. If something "POPS" out at me I will surely include it in the post. Click ----> "HeLP!" <----and you can email me topics anonymously that you would like covered, or verses you would like to study. This blog is for those of you who choose to participate. Philippians 2 is just the beginning. . .

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