Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I was walking my dogs the other day when it hit me. I know more animal's names in my neighborhood than peoples'. Don't get me wrong, I recognize people and have the casual conversation, but I don't really know them. I know of them and remember some things I have been told, but that's about it. Surface issues that will never matter. Now, I can pass almost every house with a dog or see a dog in a yard and pretty much know its name. Not the owner's name, the dogs. How messed up is that? Honestly? "Hey Duke, how you doing? and by the way, how are you OWNER?"

God created us all equal in His eyes. How can I possibly give more credence to the life of an animal than that of my brother or sister? Sure, animals are defenseless, etc. and it all makes a great cushy story. But the reality is that if I don't reveal Jesus to my neighbors (our Jerusalem) then who will? If I don't get to know the hearts of my neighbors and acquaintances or if I know more about their pets than them, THAT IS A PROBLEM!!! Sure, I am like most of you. I get all nervous or feel weird or am scared of talking to someone I don't really know about Jesus, but it is like anything else in your life; once you do it a few times it becomes easier. Heck, God's Word tells us that God will provide the aid of the Holy Spirit: Luke 12:12; John 14:26; John 15:26-27; 2 Peter 1:20-21; Acts 1:8.

I hope this brings to light just how much we (myself included) devalue people we see everyday. There lives matter to God and they should matter to us. God placed us in the neighborhood, school, job, etc. that we currently live. Maybe we (1 : I and the rest of a group that includes me : you and I : you and I and another or others Merriam-Webster) need to stop worrying about our comfort and start doing His work.